Announcing Ruby Raven

Announcing Ruby Raven

We are pleases to announce Ruby Raven which is an iOS app that will keep you updated about latest happening in Ruby Conferences world.

Inside Ruby Raven App you can see all upcoming Ruby Conferences.

People like notifications and Ruby Raven fullfills this need. Ruby Raven send notifications which keeps you updated.

This App will send the a Raven when

  • A new conference is announced.

  • A conference is opening doors for proposals so you know when to submit.

  • Closing dates are nearby to submit a proposal.

  • Registrations are open.

We like open source as other people do.

We have kept Ruby Raven open source.

Ruby Raven has two components

  1. Server App part to keep track of latest Conferences.

  2. iOS App which lives in your devices and is built using Swift.

You are most welcome to contribute.


This is very intial version for Ruby Raven. We are planning to add more features like showing CFP details within App, Confernce location. There are many cannot list all of them right now.


  • We would like to give special thank to Karan Arora for suggesting and giving feedback on Logo design and overall app feedback.

  • We would like to thanks all beta tester for initial feedback. We will be looking for more beta tester for future versions. Add yourself here.

  • We would like to thank for icons.




Rashmi and Arun

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